Dealer Information

Return Of Merchandise

Material purchased cannot be returned for credit without prior written authorization from West Window Corporation. There will be a 15% charge on material authorized for return. Odd size or special order material is not returnable. We will consider all other requests.


Delivery of material will be on our regular truck routes and on our regular delivery schedule. Freight and packaging will be charged on material shipped by common carrier, if special shipping is requested by dealer.

Acceptance of Orders

For accuracy, we recommend placing orders by fax using our toll free fax number: 1-800-548-5786 or email us at It is the responsibility of the dealer to confirm in writing all telephone orders. If confirmation is not sent, then any errors made in taking telephone orders will be considered errors of the dealer and not those of West Window Corporation. Order pads will be furnished on request without charge.

Terms of Sale

Dealers that have a satisfactory credit rating in Dun & Bradstreet or can furnish a financial statement or credit data acceptable to us will be billed on an open account basis; that is, net 10 days from date of invoice. Dealers that
do not wish to furnish the above information will be billed on a cash basis; that is, cash at the time of pickup or delivery, or cash in advance.

Cancellation of Orders

Once an order is entered in the production schedule or special parts have been ordered, the order cannot be cancelled.


All prices are subject to change without notice or obligation.

United Inches

To arrive at the total united inches, add the width and height. Any fractional inch in width is considered a full inch. Any fractional inch in height is considered a full inch.
Example: 31 3/4" W x 54 1/2" H is considered 32." x 55", making a united inch total of 87". Eighty-seven united inches is the category used in pricing.


Many West Window primary windows have been tested and have received a Condensation Resistance Factor (CRF). Even with a credible CRF rating, there is no guarantee against condensation or even ice under certain conditions. Condensation occurs when warm, moisture-laden inside air comes in contact with a surface that's cold enough to chill the warm air and reduce its ability to hold the moisture. To eliminate or reduce condensation, either lower the inside relative humidity or warm up the window. Proper circulation of warm air at the window is one of the keys to preventing this possible problem. Other information on condensation is available upon request.

West Window Corporation absolutely does not under any circumstances guarantee any of its products against condensation or icing.

Service Policy

Service work on West Window products will be charged as follows:

  1. $50.00 fixed rate service charge.
  2. In addition, labor will be charged at $30.00 per hour per man for time worked on job site.
  3. Materials will be charged based on conditions set forth in West Window warranty.
  4. Tax will be collected on materials only.
  5. Payment is due at completion of work and will be collected at the job site.

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