Vinyl Impact - The Defender

DefenderImpact Resistant Windows...For New Construction or Replacement

The Allweld Defender™ Impact Double Hung and fixed Picture Window systems are designed and tested to do just what their name implies, to defend your home from the destructive forces of nature.

The Defender™ Advantage

During a hurricane, windborne debris poses a significant threat to your home's survival. Ordinary windows are frequently broken out during the storm, allowing damaging winds to enter the home which create enormous internal pressure. This intense pressure can lead to roof failure and separation, usually resulting in complete loss of the structure.
The Defender™ Impact Resistant Window is designed and tested to remain intact even after being struck and broken by flying debris, preserving the integrity of the home's interior and preventing the entry of hurricane force winds.
Unlike Metal shutters or other window protection devices that must be installed over your windows in the event of a storm, the Defender™ window provides effortless protection for your home, even when you're away.
With the Defender™ Window, there are no external brackets or other unsightly hardware to corrode and spoil the exterior beauty of your home as is common with removable storm panels and shutter.

Standard Features
  • High Performance Impact Laminated Glass consists of two lites of 1/8" annealed glass with a tough .090 interlayer in-between. The other lite in the One-inch insulated glass unit can consist of numerous options, such as energy saving LoE2-270™
  • Fusion welded frame and sash.
  • Triple Fin Seal weather-stripping in vertical jambs for air leak protection.
  • Heavy duty multi-cavity vinyl extrusions add strength and insulation.
  • Sloped sill for positive water drainage and easy debris removal.
  • Cam action sash locks. Two locks are standard on windows over 24" in width.
  • Night Latches allow ventilation of window without allowing bottom sash to be fully raised.
The Defender In Action

In this test the window is subjected to two impacts from a nine pound two by four traveling at fifty feet per second. The tough laminated glass shatters, but the special urethane glazing holds it firmly in the frame, even after being repeatedly subjected to hurricane force wind pressure.

  • Full One-Inch Insulating Glass provides important benefits over ordinary single glazed impact windows. Insulating glass provides better energy savings, reduces the level of outside noise entering your home, and allows you the freedom to use any of our grid-between-the-glass (GBG) options to customize the look of the Defender™ to your home.
  • Both double hung sashes tilt in easily for safe cleaning from inside the home. Many impact windows rely on pocket jambs for strength, making tilt-in sashes impossible or are single-hung only and may require replacing the entire window if damaged.
  • The advanced engineering used in the Defender™ frame design provides a sill that is so resilient that reinforcements and fasteners through the sill are not necessary, substantially reducing the possibility of leaks.
    Defender™ Vinyl Windows never need painting or routine maintenance, other than a periodic cleaning with ordinary soap and water.
  • The fusion welded joints of the Defender™ should never separate, providing long lasting service and reliability
  • Defender™ Vinyl Windows are custom made to fit without any damage or alterations to existing interior trim.
  • Shuttered windows prevent light from entering your home, making it dark and dreary, especially during power outages. The Defender™, on the other hand, allows the natural light to stream in, while at the same time giving your home the defense it needs.
  • Many glass options, argon gas
  • Heavy duty extruded aluminum screen, half or full height, with fiberglass screen standard
  • Colonial, Squared Diamond and Contoured grids between the glass (GBG)

Numerous snap-in vinyl accessories, including:

  • Exterior J-Channel for siding application
  • Exterior Brickmold and bottom cover
  • Interior Sheetrock and Wood Return Receivers
  • Interior Frame Extensions available for several common wall thicknesses
  • Vinyl Face Fins for exterior overlap installation.

Glass so smart, it can control the comfort of your home...

  • Euro White
    Euro White
  • Hunter Green
    Hunter Green
  • Brick Red
    Brick Red
  • Black
  • Tan
  • Brown
  • Bronze
  • Terratone