Aluminum Storm Doors

SizeStandard Features

  • Safety Glazing, using tempered glass or acrylic.
  • Door frames are one-inch thick, tubular extruded aluminum for strength and durability. Stamped steel corner reinforcement gussets are used at the frame corners for extra rigidity.
  • Doors are factory pre-hung in a heavy extruded aluminum frame, designed for long service life and easy installation.
  • Four concealed bronze oilite bearing hinges are standard. These self lubricating hinges with machined aluminum pin are enclosed in a tubular extruded aluminum hinge leaf for years of trouble free performance. This time-tested hinge design is the same as that used on West's line of heavy one-inch wood core storm doors.
  • Quality aluminum screen cloth in all screens.
  • Wool pile weatherstripping is used around the perimeter of the hinge frame. Two rubber sill sweeps are used at the door bottom to help seal out drafts. The door's bottom expander is fully adjustable for a perfect fit.
  • Standard hardware includes pushbutton latch, closer, and storm chain, all in black painted finish.
  • Painted finishes on door and frame are an electrostatically applied enamel, which is durable and long lasting.
  • Hardware options include Brushed Nickel Finish, Brass Finish, Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish or White Painted Finish
  • Brass look (gold anodized) bottom expander. • 52-D brass look upgrade package for the Model 52 storm door - consists of brass finish pull handle hardware set and exterior brass finish kickplate.
  • Expander sets are available for all storm door models, which can be used to compensate for most out of square opening situations.
  • Double, French, and Inswinging doors are possible with all models.
  • 'Petscreen' pet resistant screening and fiber glass screening is available.
  • Standard BlackStandard Black
  • Optional Brass
    Optional Brass
  • Optional Nickel
    Optional Nickel
  • Optional Oil Rubbed
    Optional Oil Rubbed
  • Optional White
    Optional White
  • 50-el
    Model 50-EL
    The model 50-EL Storm Door is the workhorse of our aluminum storm door line. The 50-EL features a stationary top glass and a bottom sash which can be raised for ventilation. When a self storing storm door is required, the 50-EL is the obvious choice.
  • 50-hl
    Model 50-HL
    The model 50-HL (High Lite) Self Storing Storm Door has a larger top glass for a pleasing asymmetrical look, and is perfect for protecting primary doors that have a lowered lock rail. The top glass is stationary while the bottom sash raises for ventilation.
  • 51-el
    Model 51-EL
    The model 51-EL (Even Lite) Storm Door has two interchangeable inserts, making it easily convertible from a storm door to a screen door. The heavy extruded aluminum center bar makes the 51 series storm doors very strong and rigid.
  • 52-s
    Model 52-S
    The model 52-S Screen Door is a great choice when ventilation is desired in situations that preclude the use of a storm door. The single screen insert can be removed for re-screening if necessary.
  • 53-42
    Model 53-42
    The model 53-42 Self Storing Storm Door offers all the advantages of our three-track storm window in a storm door. The ability to ventilate from the top is an important feature in situations where the bottom half of the door may be exposed to blowing rain.
  • 53-40
    Model 53-40
    A perfect companion to our model 40 Storm Window, the 53-40 Self Storing Storm Door is easily converted from a storm to a screen door by simply removing the sashes. The full screen is also easily removed for re-screening if necessary.
  • 51-hl
    Model 51-HL
    The model 51-HL (High Lite) Storm Door has the same great features as the 51-EL, but is designed with a larger top panel for primary doors with a lowered lock rail.
  • 51 s-el
    Model 51 S-EL
    The model 51S-EL Screen Door has the same heavy extruded aluminum center bar used in the 51 series storm door, making it one of the strongest screen doors available. Two screen inserts are easily removed in case they ever need re-screening.
  • 52
    Model 52
    This uniquely designed interchangeable storm door offers the flexibility of a storm and screen door while allowing you to showcase your attractive primary entrance door. The 52 has a small bottom kickplate to complete the traditional look. (Shown with optional 52-D brass look upgrade package.)
  • 55
    Model 55
    The rustic look of the model 55 Crossbuck Storm Door makes it perfectly appropriate on many styles of architecture, such as log homes, brick ranches, and farmhouse style homes. The interchangeable sash and screen offer added flexibility.
  • 58
    Model 58
    Often, ornate primary entrance doors are exposed to the elements because the homeowner doesn't want the view of the door obscured. Enter the model 58 Full View Storm Door. The low profile design of the model 58 maximizes the available glass area, making it the perfect choice to showcase, and at the same time protect, expensive entrance doors.
  • BBD
    Model BBD
    The model BBD Bulletin Board Door is pre-hung in a four-sided frame, making it perfect for protecting interior and exterior bulletin and sign boards. The BBD can also be manufactured with aluminum kickplate material instead of glass for use as a foundation crawl space door. This unique door can be adapted to a variety of situations and can be custom manufactured to most size requirements.