WestEdge Series

Designed With You in Mind

What do we see when we look through one of our windows? We see comfort, style, and versatility for our customers. The WestEdge family of windows was designed to be all of these things and more. Quality materials and consistent processes allow us to craft a beautifully engineered and durable product that lasts for years.


Choosing windows for your home that provide the highest level of comfort and energy efficiency year-round is very important. With advanced technology Low-E2 glass, the WestEdge Window Series helps block the sun's relentless heat and reduces fading of your home's interior furnishings, all while quietly improving the comfort level in your home. Our standard dual seal warm edge insulating glass spacer and available Argon gas fill helps assure the utmost in comfort and efficiency.

WestEdge Brochure Cover

Standard Features

  • 3-1/4” frame depth with built-in J-Channel pocket for new construction or with head expander, sill angle, jamb adjusters and installation screws for replacement.

  • Sunshield Vinyl ensures long lasting color retention and low maintenance.

  • Factory glazed with 3/4” Low-E2 Insulated Glass with warm edge spacer technology for superior thermal performance.

  • Two surface mount Cam Locks on all windows over 24” in width.

  • Integral Nail Fin and “J” Channel pocket.

  • Interlocking sash rails for improved air resistance.  Sash stiles have two rows of high performance fin seal weather-stripping for a superior seal between the frame and sash.  A composite bulb seal on the bottom sash provides an excellent seal between the sash and window sill.

  • Night latches allow partial ventilation of the window while providing extra security.

  • Unique high end wood molding appearance creates a pleasing exterior look.

  • Low profile frame receiver grooves on the inside and outside for adding optional accessory pieces such as interior frame extensions or exterior face flange.

  • Extruded half screen with fiberglass wire is standard.

  • Euro White or Tan inside and out with many optional exterior paint colors available.

  • Constant force coil sash balances for smooth operation.

  • Architectural Shapes
    Architectural Shapes
  • Double Hung
    Double Hung
  • Double Slider
    Double Slider
  • Fixed Picture
    Fixed Picture
  • Single Hung
    Single Hung
  • Single Slider
    Single Slider

Glass so smart, it can control the comfort of your home...

  • OX-XO
  • XX Slider
    XX Slider
  • PW
  • SH
  • DH
  • 9/16
    9/16" or 3/4" Flat Grids
  • 11/16
    11/16" Contour Grids
  • 1
    1" Contour Grids
  • Extruded Aluminum Full Screen with several screen wire options available.

  • Numerous high performance glazing options including argon gas and tinted Low-E glass.

  • Mullion for combination units. 

  • Many Grid Between Glass (GBG) configurations are available for greater design flexibility and low maintenance.

  • Additional sash reinforcements for high wind zone applications.

  • Euro White
    Euro White
  • Hunter Green
    Hunter Green
  • Brick Red
    Brick Red
  • Black
  • Tan
  • Brown
  • Bronze
  • Terratone